About Our Company

In addition to being a Reinsurance Intermediary, Brokers' Risk is a Managing General Underwriter for several major programs. With our focus on developing and managing alternative risk financing vehicles, the result for you is a skilled guide unlike any other — Brokers' Risk.

Alternative Risk Financing Vehicles

When we are offered an assignment, we precisely identify the objective. Then, we match that objective to appropriate coverage and financial options. Rather than limiting you to "package programs", we map out the coverages and costs to meet the unique needs of each risk. We have earned a reputation for designing innovative coverages and terms—one size does not fit all at Brokers' Risk.

With the support of our subsidiary companies in program administration and claim management, we have supervised the formation of self-insured pools, captive insurance companies, risk retention groups, and risk purchasing groups.

From the feasibility study to the business plan to placing the necessary stop-loss or reinsurance, we will route you through the maze of alternatives and give you the guidance and direction needed to make your next program a reality.

Comfort in Uncharted Territory

No climb is too high, and we lead the way with our innovative approaches to alternative risk financing.

Our professionals blend product knowledge with negotiation skills and endeavor to deliver advantageous coverage, price and terms—with a turnaround time unparalleled in the insurance industry.

As specialty brokers, we make extensive placements in all lines of coverage for self-insured pools and single self-insured risks. Whether excess property/casualty, or primary public officials' errors and omissions, Brokers' Risk presses for the best combination of coverage, terms and rates for you.

We've Led Where Others Have Followed

You need a company with extensive experience as a Managing General Underwriter and Reinsurance Intermediary; skilled in creating alternative risk financing vehicles; and having a solid foundation in self-insurance programs.

Brokers' Risk has the diverse expertise to help you reach the summit. We are continually observing industry trends, updating our skills, and developing new and innovative approaches.

In 1980, Brokers' Risk made a major contribution to the insurance industry by pioneering coverage for the risks of trustees of self-insured pools. We saw the need, composed the wording, and devised the rate for the country's first Errors and Omissions policy for Trustees of Self-Insured Pools.

Let Brokers' Risk Be Your Guide for Your Next Self-Insurance Adventure

Our staff represents a wide range of solid experience in the insurance/reinsurance industry. When that experience is fortified with our creative way of looking at risks, new options become available to you.

For clients in a defined niche, we are able to assist you in creating new programs or locating replacements for existing programs. When we put our combined product knowledge and business acumen to work for you, the results can be dramatic.

Reaching Your Destination

We can assist in the start-up and on-going management of your next self-insurance adventure. By handling product distribution, policy administration, underwriting, and claims handling for an insurance carrier or pool, We are with you throughout the exciting journey.

Product distribution is a vital ingredient for the success of any facility. When additional marketing support is needed, we will customize the marketing network. Whether you need groups of independent agents with exclusive marketing rights or total open-market access, Our distribution network design is customized to achieve optimum results.

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